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Business Loss Prevention are a UK-wide collection agency who can help you collect your unpaid invoices. We charge an up-front fixed fee so that there are no hidden costs when the sum is recovered. We work with a variety of businesses, small & large to help them get their invoices paid & their debts collected as quickly as possible.

How We Can Help

  • We have a team of highly trained and experienced individuals with an excellent track record for recovering unpaid invoices.
  • Our business is managed by a fully qualified Solicitor ensuring our approach is firm but fair.
  • Experience has shown that calm and professional communication with your debtors ensures your business relationship is still protected for future orders.
  • We are able to undertake legal proceedings on your behalf as a last resort - although for the majority of the time this will not be required.

How We Work

We follow a simple proven process to collect unpaid invoices quickly & effectively:

  • Our team of collectors work in collaboration with a leading firm of Solicitors.
  • Although you may have already made a verbal or written request for payment often a professional letter from a third party can prompt payment. Once a debt collection agency letter has been received your clients will immediately realise that your warnings of collection proceedings are not an idle threat.
  • Your invoice collection will be managed by one of Business Loss Prevention’s dedicated case handlers and broken agreements or defaults in payment will be followed up automatically. This can get cases resolved quickly by using a combination of tried and tested methods and without the need for lengthy litigation.
  • In the event that your debtor cannot settle in full a payment plan will be negotiated.
  • We will reassess your debtors’ circumstances on a regular basis to see if payment arrangements are in line with their income / cashflow.
  • If you want an update on any outstanding debt at any time simply call your Business Loss Prevention case handler on 0871 288 0945.

"I was very impressed with your service and would have no objection to recommending it to others. BLP were professional, clear and dealt with my case very quickly" - Geine Pressendo, Managing Director

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