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UK Civil Law entitles a business to recover compensation for financial losses they have incurred as a result of someone’s unlawful actions. This may be due to theft, damage, breach of duty of care or overpayments. You can claim the value of the goods, investigation and administration costs.

How we can help

  • A fully qualified Solicitor will have conduct of your cases
  • Process followed is fully compliant with UK Civil Law ensuring your business reputation is protected at all times
  • Pricing structure based on "no win no fee basis"
  • Various methods of logging your cases so that you can choose the most suitable method for you
  • Cases are logged and processed within 24 hours of receipt
  • Online 24/7 access to your cases enabling you to view case progress via smart phone, tablet or a PC
  • We operate nationally so no matter where you are in the UK we can act on your behalf
  • Complimentary reporting and analysis of your cases allowing your business to make informed decisions
  • Complimentary consultation with a Solicitor about any case before it is logged with BLP
  • Training provided to all staff through training materials and a face to face presentation

How we work

  • We ensure each case logged has sufficient evidence
  • We encourage settlement and proceed to court only as a last resort
  • We agree case parameters with you so we only act on your instructions
  • We treat each claim of financial difficulty and mental capacity seriously and asses individuals on a case by case basis

"We have found the BLP team to be efficient and readily available to answer questions at all times."

"We are able to log our cases online via the BLP website and thus save time and money in having to complete paper forms or making telephone calls."

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